Kai Rehtaeh

"Look at the wake, from the stardust, pouring from your eyes."

Age: 23
Race: Miqo'te Keeper
Gender: Male
Height: 5'0
Sexuality: Polyamorous Gay (Switch Strong sub lean)
Class: White mage
Residence: Ul'dah

A simple beginning

Kai was born in a small village far out in the desert. A simple son to a keeper tribe. Nomads that moved from place to place never coming into contact with anyone else unless it was a male keeper there for purposes. Kai was kept around by his mother for reasons unknown to mother died and his sister told him to leave he did so- traveling the desert until he came to Ul'dah. Setting up a tent outside the city- a sad tent. Held together by sticks- and rope. He currently resides with a friend in his apartment, learning the ways of the world.im. He from a young age could hear the whisperings of spirits and was taught to be a healer. A simple life where he had just the job to do as he was told without question.When his mother passed his sister told him to leave- he did so without question. Raised after all to do as he was told. He soon came to Ul'dah where he set up a humble little camp with his cooking rock (a prized possession). When a friend discovered how sad his tent was (Very sad and hardly suitable.) They invited him to stay with him- and that is where Kai currently resides when he is not doing odd jobs or on an adventure.


Kai is a friendly sort- emotions on his sleeve type person. He could be walked up to an would instantly respond to someone. He seems to have trouble find him more often then not. Trusting and Naïve, he is smart but stupid at the same time. He does not know how to read or write and many things in Eorzea he does not know about. His only influences being his tribe in the desert.


Hello I am Cryptid.
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